Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day! Linguini Primavera Con Pesto!

In the spirit of Spring!

Spring is here and that means Santa Lucia house-made pesto and fresh veggies with linguini!

This Dish Of The Day is a delightful feature on this week’s Table d’Hôte! As an entrée you are given the choice of our soup of the day or our house garden salad with an Italian dressing…an Italian undressing will be a little extra!

You also get to choose from our devilishly decadent desserts with tea or coffee!

Buon Appetito!


Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day! Linguini Pesto!

This is the pasta dish you can’t refuse!

Healthy, wholesome and heavenly!

Linguini cooked to al dente perfection with our house-made pesto sauce and a sprinkle of roasted pine nuts on top. A superstar on our pasta menu!

Served everyday with a smile! Buon Appetito!



and after!