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Pizza appreciation day should be a thing. Wait, never mind, world pizza day exists and that’s practically the same thing. I’ll take any excuse I can to eat a pizza….actually no, I don’t need an excuse. Haha, I’m so relatable and basic but seriously, my pizza addiction is way way way too extreme. Literally the […]

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Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day: Pizza Napolitana!

Some customers ask for just a plain pizza…we say, never!

At Restaurant Santa Lucia there is no such thing! All of our pizzas are on a different plain all together!

Our Pizza Napolitana is also known as La Marguerita, simple yet super succulent!

Home-made pizza tomato sauce with mega handfuls of mozzarella! That’s it!

Baked in our wood burning oven for 7 minutes and voila!

Bonne Appétit!