We Guarantee We Will Take Care Of The Munchies!

When you think about it, Montreal has a festival for just about anything and everything – and we absolutely love it. A festival here and there fills up our schedules and gives us a ton of things to do in Montreal, and this one is new here and across Canada, for that matter. It’s…

via Montreal Celebrates Legal Weed with a First Ever Pot Fest — MtlWay.com

Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day!

Rotolo di Pollo!

Without a doubt one of our most popular dishes on our Table d’Hôte menu.

Chicken stuffed Rotolo in a rosé sauce topped with brocoli, goat cheese and a smidgen of vodka for flavour. Baked to a wonderful caramelization!

This meal is not on our regular á la carte menu. It is exclusive to our Table d’Hôte for this week! Served with your choice of garden salad or our house made soup of the day and our sweet decadent desserts with tea or coffee!  Bon Appétit!img_4732

Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day!

Spaghetti Napoletana !

“La Salsa Napoletana”  don’t let the simplicity fool you, this dish is saucy and sultry!

Fresh tomato sauce simmered along with a touch of basil, oregano and thyme among other spices the chef won’t divulge. We will happily replace the spaghetti with any of our pastas including gnocchi or ravioli!

Healthy and energizing, a stupendous lunch for the busy foodie!

Bon Appétit!IMG_4668.JPG