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Pizza appreciation day should be a thing. Wait, never mind, world pizza day exists and that’s practically the same thing. I’ll take any excuse I can to eat a pizza….actually no, I don’t need an excuse. Haha, I’m so relatable and basic but seriously, my pizza addiction is way way way too extreme. Literally the […]

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Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day: Pizza al Pesto con Pollo!

The Pizza that Packs a Punch!

This dish of the day is our featured pizza on our Table d’Hôte

Pizza al Pesto con Pollo!

Home made pesto sauce with chicken chunks along side fresh green peppers, onions and of course mozzarella!

Served with love, joy and desserts! Until next Wednesday May 24th!

Soup of the day or fresh garden salad is also offered as an entrée!

Bonne Appétit!IMG_6287

Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day: Sole Bella Donna!

Searching for that sweet scent of the sea?

Something to sooth your soul? Say no more, see for your self!

Restaurant Santa Lucia saves the day, in a beautiful way I must say. 

The delicious Dish Of The Day is Sole Bella Donna !

Pan sautéed strip of white Sole smothered in a creamy white wine sauce with baby shrimps, fresh mushrooms along side a heaping helping of seasonal garden vegetables and crispy sautéed bouncy potatoes!

Make it all even more perfect with a chilled glass of white wine and if you have enough room left, you can choose from one of our many desserts, coffees and digestifs!

Served with love, joy and pride every day!

Buon Appetito !



Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day! Linguini Primavera Con Pesto!

In the spirit of Spring!

Spring is here and that means Santa Lucia house-made pesto and fresh veggies with linguini!

This Dish Of The Day is a delightful feature on this week’s Table d’Hôte! As an entrée you are given the choice of our soup of the day or our house garden salad with an Italian dressing…an Italian undressing will be a little extra!

You also get to choose from our devilishly decadent desserts with tea or coffee!

Buon Appetito!


Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day!

Rotolo di Pollo!

Without a doubt one of our most popular dishes on our Table d’Hôte menu.

Chicken stuffed Rotolo in a rosé sauce topped with brocoli, goat cheese and a smidgen of vodka for flavour. Baked to a wonderful caramelization!

This meal is not on our regular á la carte menu. It is exclusive to our Table d’Hôte for this week! Served with your choice of garden salad or our house made soup of the day and our sweet decadent desserts with tea or coffee!  Bon Appétit!img_4732

Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day!

Spaghetti Napoletana !

“La Salsa Napoletana”  don’t let the simplicity fool you, this dish is saucy and sultry!

Fresh tomato sauce simmered along with a touch of basil, oregano and thyme among other spices the chef won’t divulge. We will happily replace the spaghetti with any of our pastas including gnocchi or ravioli!

Healthy and energizing, a stupendous lunch for the busy foodie!

Bon Appétit!IMG_4668.JPG

Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day!


Wanna be the boss?

The Chef’s combo makes for a hearty meal. Three ginormous jumbo shrimps in a piquant marinara sauce, three tender veal cutlets smothered in a marsala and mushroom sauce and a passionate amount of Linguini Napoletana!

Wash it down with a chilled Melini and you’re good to go!

Served everyday with hot buns!♥

Buon Appetito!



Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day!

Pizza 3 Fromages!

Our dish of the day is our super cheesy 3 cheese pizza!

First we spread a healthy spoonful of tomato sauce on house-made pizza dough, then a handful of finely grated parmesan, fresh Canadian mild cheddar and finally topped off with a heap of mozzarella. Baked to sizzling perfection in our wood fired oven!

No other pizza can make you smile so much, say cheese!