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November 23rd is National Espresso Day! / #NationalEspressoDay — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays — My Meals are on Wheels

Happy National Express Day via November 23rd is National Espresso Day! / #NationalEspressoDay — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays

via November 23rd is National Espresso Day! / #NationalEspressoDay — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays — My Meals are on Wheels

Manicotti Fiorentina!

Manicotti Fiorentina!

Manicotti means “little sleeves” in Italian, so cute!

A classic vegetarian ‘au gratin’!

Restaurant Santa Lucia in Montréal serves it everyday!


At Santa Lucia,  the two little sleeves are lovingly stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach. Baked in a rich rosé sauce, then gently grilled to au gratin greatness!

So roll-up your little sleeves and get down to Santa Lucia here on Rue Stanley, the sweetest street in Montréal!

Bon Appétit!


National Italian Food Day

February 13th is National Italian Food Day — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays — My Meals are on Wheels

Five Food Finds about Italian Food It was not until the 1700’s that tomatoes were first found in Italian dishes. The ‘essential’ ingredients in Italian food include: olive oil, garlic, basil, oregano, mozzarella, ricotta, parmigiana, capers, tomatoes, sausage and of course pasta. An average Italian meal is divided in two parts, primo piatto & secondo […]

via February 13th is National Italian Food Day — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays — My Meals are on Wheels

Spaghetti Bolognese

Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

Restaurant Santa Lucia has a fun new video with a selection of their most beloved pasta dishes!

Fettuccine Pescatore with a choice of tangy tomato sauce, a white wine creamy sauce or try our tasty rosé sauce too!

Don’t miss out on our most popular Spaghetti Bolognese and Spaghetti Carbonara! Yums all around!

Served every day with love, pride and joy!

Bon Appétit!

Restaurant Santa Lucia a une nouvelle vidéo amusante avec une sélection de leurs plats de pâtes les plus aimés!

Fettuccine Pescatore avec un choix de sauce tomate piquante, une sauce crémeuse au vin blanc ou essayez notre délicieuse sauce rosée!

Ne manquez pas notre Spaghetti Bolognese et Spaghetti Carbonara les plus populaires! Yums tout autour!
Servi tous les jours avec amour, fierté et joie!

Bon appétit!

Peroni, A Beer You Can’t Refuse!

Restaurant Santa Lucia is proud to be one of the first to serve Peroni in Montréal!

Goes down so good with a slice of your favourite pizza! Happy Friday!




Nastro Azzurro is a 5.1% alcohol by volume pale lager. Launched in 1963, it is the Peroni Brewery’s premium lager brand.[7] The name means “Blue Ribbon” in Italian, in honor of the Blue Riband won by Italian ocean liner SS Rex in 1933.[8] Nastro Azzurro has also sponsored teams in Grand Prix motorcycle racing. In 1997 they sponsored a 125cc Aprilia team with rider Valentino Rossi, who won the championship in that season. In 2000 and 2001 they sponsored a 500cc Honda team, again with Rossi as the rider.

Restaurant Santa Lucia Would Like To Wish Everyone A ‘Happy Father’s Day’!

Here’s a sweet little something for all the cool Pops out there!


Don’t forget we have what Dad’s all over the world love, Pizza and Beer!

Call now to make a reservation or delivery 514-393-8623

Recorded by Nancy as a tribute to her father Frank Sinatra in 1977, and re-released after his death. Written by Lana Chapel, as a Father’s Day gift for her stepdad, Jeff Calongne. Visit Nancy’s website to purchase this song…

Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day: Sole Bella Donna!

Searching for that sweet scent of the sea?

Something to sooth your soul? Say no more, see for your self!

Restaurant Santa Lucia saves the day, in a beautiful way I must say. 

The delicious Dish Of The Day is Sole Bella Donna !

Pan sautéed strip of white Sole smothered in a creamy white wine sauce with baby shrimps, fresh mushrooms along side a heaping helping of seasonal garden vegetables and crispy sautéed bouncy potatoes!

Make it all even more perfect with a chilled glass of white wine and if you have enough room left, you can choose from one of our many desserts, coffees and digestifs!

Served with love, joy and pride every day!

Buon Appetito !



Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day! Fettuccini Con Striscia Di Vitello!

Ladies and gentlemen! Start your enzymes!

Today’s dish is packed with flavour and flair! Strips of veal in a brown creamy sauce with mixed peppers, onions and celery with a bit of brandy just for fun! Sautéed with al dente Fettuccini!

This delectable dish is featured on this week’s Table d’Hôte!

Served with love and joy and your choice of garden salad or the soup of the day and don’t forget your choice of desserts, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Carrot Cake and Mango Cake, with tea or coffee!

Buon Appetito!IMG_6178

Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day! Linguini Primavera Con Pesto!

In the spirit of Spring!

Spring is here and that means Santa Lucia house-made pesto and fresh veggies with linguini!

This Dish Of The Day is a delightful feature on this week’s Table d’Hôte! As an entrée you are given the choice of our soup of the day or our house garden salad with an Italian dressing…an Italian undressing will be a little extra!

You also get to choose from our devilishly decadent desserts with tea or coffee!

Buon Appetito!