Claudio Villa

CLAUDIO VILLA’s ‘Chitarra Vagabonda’ is the Santa Lucia Song of the Day!

Si, Si, this classic is on our playlist and everyone loves it!

Tenor Claudio Villa was born Claudio Pica in the Trastevere quarter of Rome in 1926. He recorded over 3000 songs, sold 45 million records, and appeared in 25 musicals during his career.

Restaurant Santa Lucia used to a brasserie!

Yup, right next to the famous disco club The Limelight back in the 70s!

Can you imagine the fun party times that were had back then? Stanley Street was and still is a mecca for party revellers of all shapes and sizes!

Come visit our wonderful street, soak up the vibes and munch on pizza!

Thanks Montreal-Then and now !