Claudio Villa

CLAUDIO VILLA’s ‘Chitarra Vagabonda’ is the Santa Lucia Song of the Day!

Si, Si, this classic is on our playlist and everyone loves it!

Tenor Claudio Villa was born Claudio Pica in the Trastevere quarter of Rome in 1926. He recorded over 3000 songs, sold 45 million records, and appeared in 25 musicals during his career.

What’s better than a mushroom pizza?

Two mushroom pizzas!

Restaurant Santa Lucia will satisfy and make everything great again!

Fresh Mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, fresh house made tomato sauce, you just can’t resist!

Goes down good with a Peroni, enjoy!


Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day: Sole Bella Donna!

Searching for that sweet scent of the sea?

Something to sooth your soul? Say no more, see for your self!

Restaurant Santa Lucia saves the day, in a beautiful way I must say. 

The delicious Dish Of The Day is Sole Bella Donna !

Pan sautéed strip of white Sole smothered in a creamy white wine sauce with baby shrimps, fresh mushrooms along side a heaping helping of seasonal garden vegetables and crispy sautéed bouncy potatoes!

Make it all even more perfect with a chilled glass of white wine and if you have enough room left, you can choose from one of our many desserts, coffees and digestifs!

Served with love, joy and pride every day!

Buon Appetito !



Restaurant Santa Lucia Dish Of The Day! Pizza al Pesto con Pollo!

The Pizza packed with power!

Pesto sauce. Green peppers. Onions. Chicken. Mozzarella cheese!

Pure and simple! This dish is our special pizza of the week featured on our Table d’Hôte!

Served with love and joy and your choice of garden salad or the soup of the day and don’t forget your choice of desserts, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Carrot Cake and Mango Cake, with tea or coffee!

Bonne Appétit!


November 12th is National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day! — My Meals are on Wheels

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